More confidence and comfort for you…

Ravia aims to make women attractive with confidence and comfort

Ravia is a brand name made from the meaning of captivating someone’s
mind in French. It is a product series assisting women
in feeling confident being just who they are without relying
on makeup and accessories.

Nakedness is the most beautiful human form

Ravia’s concept is to produce such products for women.

Vライン処理ラヴィアvライントリマー iラインのムダ毛処理ラヴィアiラインシェーバー 背中のムダ毛用Sラインシェーバー
モテ香水ラヴドリップ 人気のVラインの形にアンダースタイルガイド Vライン処理用vライントリマーフローラ

Thank you for visiting our Website. When the sister product of Ravia, the Silky care was born in 1998, there weren’t many women trimming the V zone back then in Japan, but nowadays it is normal shaving the V zone as well as underarm hair. It is a big surprise for us to see such a radical change because we’ve been producing shavers for the V zone for a long time. Still, there are few women who feel embarrassed or scared about trimming their V zone so we are happy to design shavers and introduce them for everyone to feel comfortable using them at home. Please have a read of the product information before purchasing. There is no magic dream shaver but we have tools to brighten up your charm. Our goal is to see our customers look beautiful and feel happy and comfortable with their bodies by using our product effectively.

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