Make hard and rough hair to fluffy!!Pubic hair treatment


For making your pubic hair closer to your ideal look

Whats's "ideal look"?

[1] Not much hair.
[2] The hair growth area is not large. (Sticking out of the underwear is not good!)
[3] It is not too short but not too long.
[4] It’s soft. (it’s not rough.)

What people are thinking:

We have been offering Ravia V line trimmerand i line shaver to make your pubic hair closer to your ideal look. ‘Fuwaumu’ is released as a pubic hair treatment to fluff rough and hard hair. Use it as one of your pubic hair care items.

毛を薄くしたい!毛の量を減らす 生えている範囲を狭くしたい!剃る 短すぎず長すぎない長さ!切る ゴワゴワの毛をふわふわに!トリートメント
ラヴィアVライントリマー 背景 ラヴィアVライントリマー トリートメント
iラインシェーバー iラインシェーバー 背景 フワウム
Vライントリマーフローラ 背景 Vライントリマーフローラ 背景

During intimate moments,
when you are worried about your rough pubic hair

What kind of occasion do you care about your pubic hair? Let’s see how people answered…

<When there may be a chance of being seen by other people>
The beach, the swimming pool, sport gyms

<With friends>
Taking a trip, camping, in changing rooms

<With partners>
Taking a trip, Hot springs, a beach date, a swimming pool date, intimate moments

The most popular opinion is that the most worrying time in terms of the rough feeling and the hardness of pubic hair is intimate moments.

Of course, you want your partner to caress your pubic hair and enjoy the sensation of your feminine hair, don’t you. It sounds like men think that ‘Women’s pubic hair is smooth like normal hair’ so if their partner’s pubic hair had a rougher feeling than their pubic hair..they would be surprised, right?’. They may even have yearnings for high level women that have cared about how their hair feels to touch.


What does girls think about intime moments?


Want to be a high level woman caring about every corner

Want your partner to think your pubic hair is feminine when touched

Don’t want to worry when touched

Don’t want your partner to be turned off because of rough and hard pubic hair

Fuwaum is a treatment that made to stick.

目指すのは、女性らしい ふわふわ やさしいさわり心地。

アンダーヘアのお手入れブランド「ラヴィア」が考えた、アンダーヘア専用トリートメント«フワウム» 6つのこだわり。





肌への負担が少ない洗い流すタイプ 儚げにボリュームダウン





下着におさまりよくなる チリチリ、ジョリジョリ感を抑えて、やさしい手触りに





本体にアンダーヘアの文字はありません 香りは好き嫌いがあるから無香料

What you aim for is a feminine, fluffy and nice feeling to the touch.

Fuwaum is a treatment for pubic hair to improve the intimate moments for those women.

The cream is mild because it’s for a sensitive area.

It is cationic surfactant free, paraben free, artificial colouring free, compound fragrance free and it’s a wash out type with a low impact on the skin.

Pubic hair specialized ingredient.

It contains papain, soy milk fermented liquid, urea (moisturizing ingredient), and no ingredients for ‘shininess’ ‘firmness’ and ‘toughness’ that are not needed for pubic hair.

It fits in the underwear easily.

It will be fluffy so there will not be any shape edges sticking out of the underwear.

Recommended for the treatment after heat cutting!

A smooth feeling that subdues the frizzy and rough feeling. Recommended for use after using the V line trimmer and Flora.

It can be put in the shared family bathroom

The package is discreet enough not to feel embarrassed leaving it in the shared family bathroom. There are no references to “pubic hairs” on the packaging.

fragrance free.

People have preferences in fragrance so it’s fragrance free.

How to use

1.Clean the genital area and dry it lightly with a towel.

2.Take some in your hand. Decide on the amount depending on the hair volume and the length.

アンダーヘア用トリートメントの使い方-1 アンダーヘア用トリートメントの使い方-2

3.Apply it on pubic hair. Pinch and apply it on short hair.

4.Leave it for 2 - 3 minutes and wash it down with water gently without rubbing.

アンダーヘア用トリートメントの使い方-3 アンダーヘア用トリートメントの使い方-4


アンダーヘア専用トリートメント、フワウムのパッケージ アンダーヘア専用トリートメント、フワウムの質感
販売名:ヘアトリートメント by ラヴィア
水、ミリスチルアルコール、シクロペンタシロキサン、ジメチコン、ジメチルステアラミン、加水分解ケラチン(羊毛)、加水分解コラーゲン、ゼイン、ホホバ種子油、オリーブ果実油、ダイズ油、セイヨウオトギリソウエキス、ハマメリスエキス、ア ルニカ花エキス、尿素、セイヨウシロヤナギ樹皮エキス、メントール、サリチル酸、加水分解ダイズタンパク、豆乳発酵液、パパイン、乳酸、リン脂質、ヘキシルデカノール、アジピン酸ジイソブチル、デキストリン、BG、PG、PEG-40水添ヒマシ油、ミリスチン酸、ベヘニルアルコール、エタノール、PPG-3カプリリルエーテル、DPG、ブチルカルバミン酸ヨウ化プロピニル、ヒドロキシプロピルシクロデキストリン、フェノキシエタノール
* Please stop using if it’s not suitable for your skin.
* Do not use it when there’s a cut, swelling and a rash on your skin.
* Stop immediately if redness, swelling, itchiness or stimulation occurs and go and see a doctor straight away.
*Wash your eyes straight away if it goes in your eyes.
*Do not use it for other purposes.
*Please use it as soon as possible after opening.
*Keep it away from children.
* Do not store it in a location with either a hot or cold temperature or in direct sunlight.