If you get lost in the shape and range of Pubic hair.


Be beautiful by yourself.


You can make the popular V line yourself

Ravia Pubic hair style guide

Home pubic hair arrangement!The popular specialized pattern paper at the salon for pubic hair was commercialized. It’s a style pattern. This is for those people who are wondering what style and how much to trim.

How to use

アンダーヘアにスタイルガイドをあてます スタイルガイドから出ている毛を剃ります
1. Cut it out in the shape you like. Cover your pubic hair with the paper you cut out. 2. Shave the parts sticking out using the i line shaver.
Vライントリマーなどでカットします バランスの整ったきれいな「愛されヘア」の完成です
3. Take the style guide off and trim the rest using the V line trimmer. 4. Your balanced and beautiful ‘Be loved hair’ is complete!

アンダー スタイルガイドの特徴

ポイント1、アンダーヘアの形見本 Vラインの形にお悩みの方に
This is for those people who are thinking... “I want to trim my pubic hair (V line) but I don’t know what to do!’ ‘What shape and how much should I trim?’. We commercialized the popular trimming pattern at salons for use at home.
ポイント2、両手が使えて処理しやすい 裏面の繊維と両手が使用できる画像
This pattern (paper) is specially designed so the fibres hook onto the hair holding it in place so you don’t have to hold onto the pattern paper while trimming, this makes it hands free and easy to trim with! A gluing agent is not used so it can be used again. There will be no pain when both putting it on and taking it off.
ポイント3、いろんなアンダーヘアの形を楽しめる アンダーヘアの形2-4つ分の型紙が1枚に
You can use three to four styles for each piece of paper so it’s fun trying various hairstyles as a challenge. Cut them out on the line you like and use them.
Enjoy various pubic hair styles.That’s the answer to “What do I do?” for your pubic hair.Which style is popular?How much should I trim? For these people,we made the pattern paper for the popular V line at salons for home use.  Keep it as a guide for pubic hair trimming!!!

Series Pubic hair style guide



    • Part number:5001-17
    • Material:PU,nylon
    • Made in Japan.
    • NaturalOvalAggressive natural
    • It doesn’t hook on short hair.
    • The colour may fade from rubbing and getting wet.
    • The black nylon may come off the body.

    The most popular product for men! For people who don’t want to show obvious trimming but want to tidy up that area. A natural look made possible by trimming.


  • Part number:5001-19
  • Material:PU,nylon
  • Made in Japan.
  • HeartMini triangleLOVE triangle
  • It doesn’t hook on short hair.
  • The colour may fade from rubbing and getting wet.
  • The black nylon may come off the body.

If you enjoy V line trimming, then the heart shape is the go. The top part is a little tricky to shape but it’s the prettiest look.



The square shape is popular in Europe and the US. This shape definitely makes your legs look longer.


Ravia original. It’s the triangular shape that suits Asian women. This is for someone who has a lot of pubic hair sprawling out that wants to trim it back a little.。